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Training Portfolio

Our portfolio features a variety of courses we’ve built for clients including eLearning, instructor-led, video and performance support.

Watch this video for an overview or scroll below to learn about specific projects.

Blended Learning Courses

Supply Chain eLearning + Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Our client in the food & beverage industry approached us to develop a creative solution to help employees learn new end-to-end supply chain best practices. With an audience of 12,000+ employees, we created a series of twelve eLearning courses with engaging animated videos, supplemented by an instructor-led training experience.

Talent Management eLearning + Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Integrated into a company-wide talent management program, this eight-part eLearning series focused on enhancing employee development and career growth. Our training solution reinforced learning by encouraging employees to complete self-paced eLearning modules combined with real-world partner activities.

eLearning Courses

Medical Device eLearning

This eLearning course was created to help medical professionals learn how to use a new anesthesia machine. As new technology continues to emerge in the Healthcare industry, interactive learning modules are critical to solidify long-term learning. Easily accessible on laptops and mobile.

Information Technology eLearning

To ensure consistent technology standards were being met at scale, our client in the IT standards industry approached us to create a dynamic eLearning solution for 4,000+ training volunteers in their organization. Spanning all functions, we developed a succinct and targeted learning pathway that could be accessible on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Training Videos

Retail POS Training Videos

Our partner in the apparel industry upgraded their retail stores to a new POS system. They tasked us with creating a 10-part video series to help retail employees learn the POS system quickly and efficiently. With an audience of 3,000+ employees, we focused on videos tutorials with simple voiceover instructions, a guided POS-simulated experience, and real in-store scenery.

Sales Software Training Videos

Our client in the healthcare industry developed a custom software app for their sales force. With an audience of 8,000+ employees, our solution included a series of twelve video tutorials clear voiceover instructions and an iPad simulated experience with real-life hand motions. We made these accessible in both English and French to reach their target audience.

Finance & Operations ERP Training Videos

Our client in the apparel industry approached us to lead an enterprise-wide training program for their new ERP implementation. In addition to leading the training program, including employee training delivery, we developed a series of engaging communication and tutorial videos to serve as supplemental, on-demand learning resources.

HR Performance Platform Training Videos

As part of an internal communication and change management plan for our client in the outdoor apparel industry, we created a promotional video to introduce a new HR Performance Management tool to 2,000+ employees. The design that was simple, modern, and brand-aligned.

IT Help Desk Training Videos

As part of a new IT Portal launch, we created a three-part video series for change management communications and training software tutorials. Reaching an audience of over 17,000+ internal users, these videos were used to help employees learn the new IT software program. Using animations and screen-captured video, we created videos such as ‘How to Access The New Portal” to “How To Submit a Service Request.”

eLearning Course Promo Videos

As part of an internal communication plan, the goal of this video series was to promote an eLearning course offering to 14,000+ employees worldwide. The campaign featured a heavy focus on modern design and well-written copy, obtaining key stakeholder buy-in from the early stages. With a detailed digital communication campaign strategy, we successfully increased user awareness and improved adoption of the training course offering.

Other Creative Projects

K-12 Educational Videos

For our K-12 YouTube channel, Jam Campus Education, we’ve created 45+ educational music videos to help with student learning and engagement in the classroom. With over 6.2 million views, these videos are used in classrooms around the world and have been featured everywhere from Comedy Central to Edutopia.

Cooking & Food Ingredients Videos

To make plant-based eating easier and more approachable, The Urban Veg shares resources such as recipes, cooking tips, and educational information on their website, YouTube channel, and Instagram page. We helped create an energetic video series on a variety of plant-based foods, exploring history, nutrition, and useful cooking tips.

Marketing & Brand Videos

This informational marketing video was created for a venture-backed software client in the orthodontics industry. With an external customer-facing audience, our task was to create a compelling brand video that explained how the tool works. We created custom animations and stock videos with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.


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