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Welcome! We’re a team of experienced learning enthusiasts. Our articles cover core foundations and theories of instructional design and content development, but you’ll also find a topic or two about new trends we’re excited about. 

Meet the team

Caryn DeBell

Caryn DeBell

Senior Learning Strategist

Caryn has been partnering with organizations to develop and implement learning strategies for over 15 years. She’s driven by her passion for reducing barriers to learning.

Andrew DeBell

Andrew DeBell

Senior Learning Experience Strategist

With 6+ years of experience in content creation, instructional design, and eLearning development, Andrew brings a creative and refreshing approach to learning design. 

Sydney Coultis

Sydney Coultis

Learning Experience Designer

With a background in education and psychology, Sydney specializes in designing and developing Customer Education eLearning  and instructor-led training programs. 

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What’s a Water Bear?

A water bear, or tardigrade, is the world’s most indestructible organism.

They can survive for thirty years without food or water and can sustain extreme temperatures up to 150° Celsius. They can even survive in the frozen vacuum of space (which no other earth-dwelling creature can claim!). 

The resiliency of the water bear can be applied to our learning philosophy. Like the water bear, learning takes mental toughness, persistence, and durability. In challenging times water bears become physically drained, but then turn things around and persist to success. Similarly, we believe you must continue to challenge yourself to move closer to mastery.