About Water Bear Learning

Our mission is to create meaningful, learner-centered training experiences. Training that makes people glad they attended. Training that makes a difference.

In our experience, corporate training often misses the mark. It doesn’t create behavior change, increase performance or meet real business goals. In an increasingly online world, moving information to a digital format isn’t enough.

From needs analysis through delivery, we partner with clients to develop creative, engaging and purposeful training. We combine our unique skill-sets in instructional design, marketing and visual design to create a holistic experience for learners.

Our content development expertise spans eLearning, video, virtual and in-person instructor-led courses, performance support materials, and communications.

With a fully-remote team, we provide consulting services to clients all around the world.

Meet the team

Caryn DeBell

Caryn DeBell

Senior Training Consultant

Caryn has been partnering with organizations to develop training initiatives for over 15 years. She specializes in end-to-end training for enterprise system and process implementations. Her industry experience spans Retail, Beverage, Non-profit and Government sectors. Caryn ensures organizational goals, desired behavior changes and the ‘why’ of an implementation are integral parts of the solution.

Andrew DeBell

Andrew DeBell

Training Content Consultant

With 6+ years of experience in content creation, instructional design, and eLearning development, Andrew brings a creative and refreshing approach to learning design. As a co-founder of Water Bear Learning, Andrew partners with clients to design learning experiences, create digital content, and implement targeted training programs.

Sydney Coultis

Sydney Coultis

eLearning Developer

With a background in education and psychology, Sydney specializes in designing and developing eLearning courses and instructor-led training programs. An effective SME communicator and collaborator, Sydney adapts to diverse project needs and fully dedicates herself to solving complex problems.

Why a Water Bear?

A water bear, or tardigrade, is the world’s most indestructible organism.

They can survive for thirty years without food or water and can sustain extreme temperatures up to 150° Celsius. They can even survive in the frozen vacuum of space (which no other earth-dwelling creature can claim!). Tardigrades have the ability to survive any catastrophe that would wipe out all other forms of life on planet Earth. 

The resiliency of the water bear can be applied both to our learning philosophy and our company work ethic. Like the water bear, learning a new skill takes mental toughness, persistence, and durability. In challenging times water bears become physically drained, but then turn things around and persist to success. Similarly, we believe you must continue to challenge yourself to move closer to mastery.

Our company work ethic and values also align with characteristics of the water bear. We are a resilient, energetic and highly motivated team. Our passion for learning drives us forward to provide the highest quality learning experiences for your audience.